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Get lost in Polly’s wonderful world. 

💙 Polly's new trilogy has arrived.
Come on into Polly's world where we get to meet Jane Le Romancer whose life is a leetle bit small.
She's a HYN girl (if you know, you know) & you're going to fall in loveeeee all over again. Wahoo.
Lock in the new read right HERE 👇

Something About Darling Island 

Just About Darling Island

All About Christmas on Darling Island

2023 Polly time. Bring it

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Summer romance romcom contemporary comedy The coast guards house darling bay.jpg
Summer romance romcom contemporary comedy The coast guards house polly babbington (2).png

Click the images and get lost in a Polly Bee book. 


Polly's first Darling Island trilogy is complete. Binge read the first three Darling books here!  

Darling Island... just off the mainland, so very far from care.

If you love Pretty Beach, get ready to discover a whole new magical world with a beautiful old floating bridge, vintage trams, a gorgeous horseshoe-shaped bay and discover the utterly delightful joys of Darling Street.

Get lost in the Darling Island Series, an inter-connected series with the Pretty Beach books.

The Darling Island books introduce us to another Polly world and a plethora of adorable new characters - make yourself a cup of tea, lock the door, settle down with a quilt, and get ready to fall in love with a town all over again. Polly's back with a new setting Darling Island. You're going to lurve it. 

The Coastguard's House Darling Island

Summer on Darling Island

Bliss on Darling Island

'So beautifully written, utterly comforting, feel-good romance novels for 2022,

Polly Babbington’s stories are simply magical escapism and a joy to read.' Sarah Johnson.

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Copy of Copy of Pretty Beach posies.jpg
Pretty Beach Petals.jpg

'Wonderfully unique writing and adorable settings. Polly Babbington will seamlessly drop you into her magical feel-good world so beautifully you won't want quite remember where you are and you certainly won't want to leave.' Heidi Jones.


Sit back and delve into the utterly gorgeous little town of Pretty Beach where cinnamon buns, sparkly sea, golden beaches and beautiful old houses wrap you up in their warmth and transport you to a place you’ll sometimes wish you could live forever. 

♥  ‘Polly Babbington creates oh-so-magical books.’  ♥



In a little white Summer House at the back of the garden, under the shade of a huge old tree, Polly Babbington creates romantic feel-good stories including The Boat House at PRETTY BEACH.


Polly went to college in the Garden of England and her writing career began by creating articles for magazines and publishing books online. 


Polly loves to read in the cool of lazing in a hammock under an old fruit tree on a summertime morning or cozying up in the Winter under a quilt by the fire. 


She lives in delightful countryside near the sea, in a sweet little village complete with a gorgeous old cricket pitch, village green with a few lovely old pubs and writes cosy romance books about women whose life you sometimes wished was yours. 

Romance readers love romcom author Polly Babbinton’s contemporary romance. Curl up with a feel-good small town ead with a wonderful blend of romance, friendship and  female relationships.

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