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I've always loved to cook and have found recipes creep their way into all my books.


So for the Pretty Beach series I decided to create an accompaniment to it with some of my favourite recipes. 

If you love really simple, delicious food you can make without a whole lot of fuss, you might just adore the

Lovely Recipes of Pretty Beach - it’s on the way! 

You can subscribe to my letters for the delicious Comfort Dahl in the series too. 



Cheesy Bread 


This bread is a real crowd pleaser and I loved that it made an entrance in Summer Weddings at Pretty Beach, on the beach with Ben’s mother no less. 


If you have a mother-in-law, nice or perhaps not so nice, I highly recommend this as a sharing starter or a light lunch. You will pull it out of the oven as if you have been slaving over it all day when really you plopped a round cheese into a loaf of bread, popped it into the oven and poured yourself a nice, long, G&T. 


1 round loaf of bread (sourdough or cob) 

1 250g Camembert round 

3 cloves garlic minced

3 tbsp olive oil


Pierce the top and then place the Camembert on a baking tray and put into the oven for about ten to fifteen minutes. 


Remove the top of the bread (it will be used as a ‘lid’). Cut a hole in the loaf roughly the size of the Camembert using cheese box as a guide


Put the garlic into the oil and rub the inside of the bread with the olive oil garlic mixture. 


Remove the Camembert from the oven and carefully place it into the hole in the bread. 


Put the whole loaf on a baking tray and put back into the oven for ten minutes until the bread is crusty and the cheese is hot.

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